Of Stickers and Sketchbooks

A couple of months ago I purchased artist Tommy Kane’s fantastic book ‘An Excuse to Draw’. When I turned to page 8 my eyes saw the most glorious sight ever. Stickers on sketchbooks! Wow, I couldn’t think of anything more hip or cool. Being a new admirer of his work my husband and I bought a print of one of Tommy’s drawings. And to my delight when the package arrived he had included along with the print two magnificent stickers! Tommy’s signature squirrel-yielding-a-handgun as well as a happy-Buddha-man sculpture both drawn in his distinctively cool style. I was equally excited about both the gorgeous print and funky stickers.

So I’ve fallen in love with these groovy little stickable art forms. I’ve been collecting them everywhere from visits to the Glenbow Museum and trips to the town of Banff, to my very own art stickers now available at my Red Bubble shop. Rest assured I’ll be coming up with new sticker ideas in the near future. I love that the outside covers of a sketchbook can be just as much a work of art as the drawings and paintings contained on the pages within. All of it documenting and celebrating the things we are drawn to.