It was a banner day!

Back in the spring of 2012 I was asked by the Street Scape committee of town of Chestermere where I lived in Alberta Canada if I would be interested in designing some banners for the town. It was not a paying job but I wasn’t a big fan of the current banners around town at the time and thought it would be a kick to add some colour and locally made art to the streets of Chestermere.

So I put on my thinking cap and thought about what I should create. My ‘dot’ style of artwork that I paint most frequently is very colourful but I doubt it would have translated well once enlarged onto the banners. Also, painting with dots is a rather lengthy process and seeing as though there was a time limit to when the artwork would have to go to print that style just wouldn’t work. When my kids were little I loved any of the very popular books they read by author and illustrator Eric Carle. Eric Carle‘s books feature bold and colourful artwork made from hundreds of painted tissue paper cutouts arranged together to form lovely happy images. I thought perhaps I would try my hand at some Eric Carle inspired banners.

The banners were to hang during the spring and summer seasons so I got out my paper, paints, acrylic medium and scissors and set to work. For the next month my workspace would have little bits of colourful cut paper pieces everywhere! This is what I came up with.

Chestermere has a lake which is home to the Calgary Yacht Club. Often you see the little ‘training’ sailboats grouped together sailing back and forth with their practice.

The lake is also known to have a lot of weeds which are kind of creepy to swim in but I thought would make a colourful picture.

Spring and summer of course bring beautiful flowers. And with them come the dandelions which I happen to think aren’t so bad especially since they are a super-food.

But two of my favourite things about the two seasons are the birds and the bees!

It was a lot of fun to see the banners printed and hung along West Chestermere Drive that summer. They continue to be displayed each year during spring and summer since then. I believe there are more over by Sunset Park on East Chestermere Drive.